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How To Care For Windscreen Wipers in Dubai

Written by Wasim

Imagine driving through a sandstorm, or even a rainstorm in Dubai only to realise that the windshield wipers on your car are not functioning correctly, or that it is out of fluid. Your vision is bleak, and the driving conditions are poor – this could not have happened at a worse time! Hence, looking after your windshield wipers is essential, not just to extend its life, but to also ensure safety while driving.

Here are some super easy tips to increase the longevity of your windshield wipers and to ensure best driving visibility.

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Keep the wipers clean

Wipers face frequent exposure to chemicals, salts and debris. These substances affect the performance of the wipers and also lead to their erosion. Keep your wipers in prime condition by cleaning them at least once a month to ensure crystal clear vision and to extend the wipers life.

Simply, put some white vinegar on a cloth and run it on the edges of the blades and voila, now they are squeaky clean.

How to Make Windshield Wiper Blades Like NEW, via Silver Cymbal

Inspect for any damage

When there is damage on the rubber, it will scratch the windshield during the wiping process. Furthermore, the performance of the wiper decreases significantly.

Inspect the rubber every 2-3 months to check for damages, such as hardening, wear and tear, or cracking.

Which windshield wiper blade is the best? Via Project Farm

Park your car in the shade

The weather in UAE is hot and sunny most of the year. Unfortunately, heat and exposure to the UV rays of the sun for extended periods may cause the rubber of the wiper blades to become brittle and crack. To prevent any damage, find a shaded place to park your car.

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Refill the washer fluid

You don’t want to be in a situation where the car will spray muddy water all over the windshield because you ran out of washer fluid. Always make sure to refill the liquid if it’s low.

How to refill windshield wiper fluid? Via Brighton Ford

Never run the wipers on a dry windshield

Using wipers to rub off dust or pollen on a dry screen can damage them. Hence, always use the wiper fluid if the windshield is not already wet.

Replace the blades

Every part of your car has a lifespan after which it must be replaced – 6 months is the windshield wiper lifespan. Unless you have put them through harsh conditions. At this point you will need to replace them sooner. If the wipers start streaking or not cleaning the glass off, then they need to be replaced.

How to replace windshield wipers? Via FDU Automotive Enterprise Studies

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