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Car Insurance: Driving Safely in the Winter in Dubai

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Car Insurance: Driving Safely in the Winter in Dubai

However, we know one thing about Dubai’s winter is that it is unpredictable. One moment it rains, the next there’s thunder and lightning, followed by sunshine almost immediately.

Dense fog envelops the city in the early morning hours and can be quite a magical sight if you are watching from the comfort of your home, but not for those driving. The low visibility can seriously hinder motorists and create chaos on the roads.

Read this blog to learn how to tackle this distressing situation.

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Driving Safely in the Winter in Dubai

Get better car insurance rates by driving safely

How safe of a driver you are is really important to your car insurance company because your behavior on the road directly affects your risk to an insurer. Drivers with a clean driver’s history qualify for better rates and also are eligible for a good/safe driver discount, which typically is pretty good.

Avoid driving when possible

Check the weather forecast and opt for public transport like buses or the metro if possible. The transportation system is convenient, easy to use and connects to most of the areas within the city.

Keep safety distance

Always maintain a safe distance of a few meters from the car in front of you. This provides ample reaction time in case the vehicle comes to an emergency halt or if there is an obstacle in front of you.

Chalk out a plan

Plan your route before hitting the road. Fog can lower visibility to a point where even familiar roads appear strange. Use the painted lines on the edges of a lane to ensure you are going parallel to other drivers. Use your phone or car’s navigation system to guide you, especially if you decide to take an alternative route.

Be patient

Don’t drive at the stipulated 100km/hr, but slow down to match the speed of your fellow drivers. Fog can slow down traffic immensely. Keep calm, everyone is trying to get to their destination just like you.

Use fog lights, not hazard lights

Fog lights provide better illumination during hazy conditions, so remember to turn them on. Set your headlights on low beam to not overwhelm other drivers. Hazard lights should only be used to warn other motorists that you or another driver is stationary on the road, so avoid using them otherwise.

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Take a break and drive later

If you’re a new driver or an expat from a tropical country, chances are that you have never driven in foggy weather, which can be a daunting task. If a spell of fog takes over the road when you are driving and makes you jittery, locate the nearest petrol station and park there till it clears up.

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Pay attention

If music distracts you, turn off your radio. And avoid using your phone while on the road (Dubai Police imposes weighty fines on mobile usage while driving). Traffic violations on the driving record can increase car insurance premiums significantly.


Is car insurance mandatory in the UAE?

Under the UAE law it is required that every vehicle on the road is insured. Vehicle insurance provides you with security and financial protection against third party liability claims in case of an accident. With Comprehensive Insurance, you will also be protected against loss or damage to your own vehicle.

How many types of car insurance are there in the UAE?

They can choose from the two main types of auto insurance available in the UAE: comprehensive insurance and third party insurance.

What are the two types of motor insurance in the UAE?

There are two types of car insurance available in the UAE:

  • Comprehensive Insurance: As the name suggests, a comprehensive car insurance policy will offer you a wider protection of cover. …
  • Third Party Liability (TPL): Third Party Liability car insurance will only cover damages caused by you to other people’s car.

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